Andre VeresPhoenix Stock Broker Financial Advisor of the Year-2015

Andre Veres of Spence Cassidy & Associates




Phoenix Stock Broker is pleased to announce Andre Veres as its 2015 Financial Advisor of the Year. After a rigorous search for candidates and stringent criteria. We selected Mr. Veres for this award because of his “client first” approach to business.

Many financial advisors will sell you “suitable” investments. However, the definition of “suitable” needs to be tightened up. Often, many financial advisors’ definition of “suitable” is what is “suitable” for their commissions.

We are most impressed with Mr. Veres’ custom tailored plans, 100% transparency, open disclosure and committment to superior customer service–no matter how large or small your portfolio.

In his own words:

“It is my passion to create a financial strategy that gives you peace of mind. I want you to know your future is in good hands, and if you don’t come home tonight your family is taken care of. This insures that your dreams survive past you. I see the suffering families go through who don’t plan proper, and it personally pains me. I also work with people to put themselves on the right track to live a retired life they love with the finances to support it.

The first step in planning is to let me review what you have already put in place and build a financial strategy centered around you and your family. I look at the entire picture so that nothing important gets missed. Don’t wait until something major in your life impacts you enough to make this a priority. To that end we offer:

1. Retirement planning
2. Income distribution planning
3. Asset management
4. Risk management
5. Employee benefits
6. Business succession planning

There is no financial services area I or my team do not cover with a high level of integrity and competency.”


In accepting this year’s prize, Andre Veres will serve as the resident financial services commentator at Phoenix Stock Broker. Anyone wishing to request a complimentary and custom portfolio analysis may contact Mr. Veres direct at (480) 447-3334.








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